Thursday, July 8, 2010

My new sketches with my new tablet.

So i finally got a new, shiny, cheap tablet to draw with, it was so long until i could get to use one again! so i made some practice images with it that i will post here.

i always had a fancy with drawing sketches on a very dark backgrounds, it looks cooler to me :P
Here is Mr.Parrot, my African grey pet, get the pleasure to be my model for my very first sketch:

He isn't really standing on a tree branch, just on his cage, and he never really changed his position, so i had a comfortable time sketching him.

Next is a Sketch of Kuroneko003's avatar XD, for some reason when i saw it on twitter i really wanted to draw a semi-realistic version of it so here it is:

Last but not least, i decided to make a new avi for myself, i always liked Tiki (my Cockatiel) to be my avatar on my blog posts and twitter, so i tried to dublicate the position as best as i could, and the end result was way too realistic for my liking:

so i won't have this as a new avi, I'll make a "cuter" version of Tiki later.

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  1. Wow! Those are great! I especially like your parrot sketch. The colors are very pretty :)