Thursday, July 22, 2010

Egypt 3

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ohh decent internet connection ;o

This will be my last (detailed with images) post about Cairo, after this will just be small tidbits here and there about my stay at Cairo.

First! We have gone to Cairo Citadel and we visited the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha
I didn't take alot of pictures due to the low battery of the camera, and each time i forget to recharge it..but you will find lots of pics online of these places so it is not a big loss.

Photobucket Photobucket

to be honest i didn't feel like taking pics at all that day, hrm...

...oh yeah, because it was too damn hot, i didn't fell like walking let alone taking images... >.>

While looking at historical events inside, the guide said it was totally ok to take some pics if i wanted to(after he noticed the camera in my hand) and i was like "huh, oh yeah.." and took one just make him quite about it:
An image of a gun that was used by a dude who failed to assassin the leader of the Egyptian revolution, Gamal Abdel-Nasser..
Random much??

At the same day we have gone to the Egyptian Museum, since it is forbidden to use the camera inside i didn't take any pics, here is a shitty image of the entrance instead.


At night( yes the same day) we have gone to the Ramses Hilton hotel and ate dinner there (which was crap) and had some beverages afterward.


We took a ride with the taxi the other day and visited Al-Azhar mosque, and finished our tour at a restaurant called قدوره "qadoorah" for seafood, it was decent.

After that we took a boat (each person 3 LE) with alot of people on board, it was FANTASTIC, one of the best rides i took, the riders sang and danced with the music it was so much fun! I recommend you take one of these if you will ever go to Cairo!


A view of the Nile from the side:


Man I really didn't feel like taking pics in the past few days...hrm but my visit to the Al-Azhar Park changed my mood completely, it was such a beautiful place! you HAVE to go there if you will ever visit Egypt!
We have gone at about 5 pm to the park, so it was almost sunset, the weather was great and i really felt like taking pictures here!


I liked taking pics of the flowers, even though i am not a flower person, but they were pretty~~






the Palm trees here haven't gone ripe yet, ironically at my home country it was their harvest time months ago!

(notice the sky changing, it is almost sunset)

some had signs telling what kind of flower is there and such:



A playground at the top of the park:

Hey what is that thing hopping like a rabbit!? oh a kitty!! :o I wonder what was it chasing o3o:

and finally the sun has gone to the west:

and after the sun sets, we have gone to the restaurant that was part of the Park,
this place finally serves food that i can describe as being "tasty" seriously it was great, we had a wonderful time here, but alas, at 11 pm the park closes and we have to go back to the apartment.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Egypt 2

We are staying in a hotel called Om Kolthoom Hotel & Tower (you can google where it is).

The hotel is called what it is after a famous singer called Om kolthoom, she lived in the sixties, and the hotel is on her villa.
the infamous Om Kolthoom

an old music player.

what is unusual of this hotel is that each room is named after one of her songs, this is our room...
it is called "darat al'aeaam" or "the days go on".

This hotel has a very nice view of the Nile, When we reached it we had to stay 2 hours at the reception so they can finish clean our apartment, apparently the previous users just left, huh.

So out of boredom I left and gone across the street to see the Nile, pretty nice!

DSC01753.jpg picture by silverlunar777

and i noticed a bird! i couldn't tell what kind of bird was it.

This is the living room in our apartment.

We have a nice view of the nile from there.


At night, we went to an open restaurant called The Pharaoh, you ride a ship which takes you on a ride in 2 hours, you can choose whatever you want to eat (the food is not that good, but it is edible).


The entrance of the restaurant.

this is the ship that we will ride.

After we waited for the ship to arrive, we finally boarded it, this was our seat.

The Pharaoh moving, slowly.

we had a nice view of the Nile.

What i liked the best about this are the entertainers, first there are some drummers, not that great but pretty good!

After these guys finished, came in the best part of their show, a what we call locally a "dress dancer", they wear a big circular dress that they can manipulate while spinning continuously, he used some drums to dance with, too.

and the rest were a comedian and two singers couple, not worth taking pictures and videos of them, little laugh here and there but not that memorable.

Over all it was pretty nice! i do recommend it, but bring your own water/soda or beverages in general, they are priced way waaaaaaaaay too highly.

So i am in Egypt

Our plane was suppose to take off 4 am in the morning, so we prepared our stuff and gone by car to the airport at around 10 pm (early much??). It took us 2 hours to reach the airport, as soon as we reached there we finished our business early on, there was an internet connection at the airport, but it was on the main hall and not the waiting lobby that we stayed in most of the time, so i was only able to tweet once :d

We waited until 4:30 to ride the plane, the lobby was kind of empty when we first reached it, but as the takeoff time draws near, it got really crowded with Egyptians! going back to their homes certainly, I spent most of these hours waiting at the lobby playing Pokemon Heart Gold (i just got it, and downloaded the soon to end event the legendary wish Pokemon Jirachi, by the time of this post i think it has already ended) I got an ubber pokemon at the start of the game! lol XD

We took the EgyptianAir lines.
*image of the pillow*
/btw/ this is a pillow.

when we boarded the plane the dawn was already welcoming us.
*picture of the plane's wing*
/I got a nice seat, next to the window, you can see our plane's emblem on the curve of the wing too.

We spent alot of time on the plane, and it didn't take off yet, i think it was around 5:15 am that we actually took off.

since they didn't allow us to open any electronic device anymore, i couldn't take a picture of the breakfast that they gave us, overall it was actually pretty good, they gave us fries eggs mixed with spinach (i have never eaten this before, imagine my horror when they gave me a pale-green fried egg!) with bread, jam, butter, cheese and fruit salad(the best part!).
To be honest, i never ate plane food that was actually below average before in my life, all the stuff i experienced were above average, luck i guess?

the journey took us 2 hours and 45 minutes, I wanted to sleep but i would never be able to if there was no bed in sight!! :( I was never been able to sleep in cars, buses and the like...

So we finally reached Cairo! i won't bother you with boring stuff about waiting in line and such, so let me tell you about one of the weirdest thing i have ever saw,
I actually saw a Japanese couple in real life! I did hear them talk and i am pretty sure that they spoke Japanese (anime power!) but that was not what i was referring to when i mentioned the /weird/ sight...
the lady has an extremely long hair, like really REALLY long! it reached her feet!! i didn't take a pic of her(that would be impolite!) so i will describe it the best way i could.. see Princess Zelda? more specifically her Twilight Princess/Smash Bros. Brawl design? she had the EXACT same hair style on the back, except the braid part, she split her braid into three braids! everyone at the lobby was looking at her!!

It looked kinda like this...

After that i got to see some of the planes, and it caught my eyes how there were different emblems on each plane(i have no idea if they belong to different companies of not, but they were all labeled under EgyptAir) An Eagle Egyptian one and a cat/dog one, what caught my attention was how these represent different old Egyptian figures,

I am not an expert on this but the one we boarded had a design similar to what the pokemon Lucario designed after, oh so i was riding Lucario airlines all along!! XD XD


Got our stuff, and a taxi driver stole our luggage in order for us to use his car(they ALWAYS do this)... and we gave in, too tired to argue..
That driver was a chatter box, and a freaking thief! when we reached our hotel he wanted 100$!! "oh this covers for the parking area and stuff.." shut up! it was obvious that he wanted to get as much money out of us as he could for the sole fact that we are from the Gulf... Gulf countries = oil= rich people, yeah sorry but it doesn't work like this with us! :\
We only gave him 30$, seriously all the Arabian countries has this mind set about the Gulf countries, we are rich rich RICH... sorry but most of us are not...seriously we wont get ripped off if we went to a non Arabian country... :|

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cockatiel Sticker (and some sketches)

Bulbuls, or to be more specific, white-eared Bulbuls are considered to be to most famous bird to keep as a pet around here, these guys are very easy to feed (locally we call them Date Bulbuls, because they diet mostly on Dates in the farms here), give very smart and have a beautiful voice.

Here is a good video to show what does one look like (the little guy is PISSED lol)

I made a little sketch of one, I'll make a better drawing of one later, because these guys are awesome:

- Yesterday, I was confronted as being Australian! (i still can't comprehend how, I never mentioned myself being one anywhere XD) anyway i thought it was so funny i made a sketch of my Cockatiel declaiming to Mr.Parrot that he is an Australian that doesn't speak any English..O_o:
They both speak Arabic for your info :P

- And finally, i tried doing these sticker like drawings, they appear very simple but i find them the hardest kind to draw, simply because you have to have the lineart's thickness consistent all over the drawing you try to make, which is very hard by hand!!

I see most people use the pen tool on photoshop do it so they won't mess it, but since i forgot how to use the pen tool, this is all by hand.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

My new sketches with my new tablet.

So i finally got a new, shiny, cheap tablet to draw with, it was so long until i could get to use one again! so i made some practice images with it that i will post here.

i always had a fancy with drawing sketches on a very dark backgrounds, it looks cooler to me :P
Here is Mr.Parrot, my African grey pet, get the pleasure to be my model for my very first sketch:

He isn't really standing on a tree branch, just on his cage, and he never really changed his position, so i had a comfortable time sketching him.

Next is a Sketch of Kuroneko003's avatar XD, for some reason when i saw it on twitter i really wanted to draw a semi-realistic version of it so here it is:

Last but not least, i decided to make a new avi for myself, i always liked Tiki (my Cockatiel) to be my avatar on my blog posts and twitter, so i tried to dublicate the position as best as i could, and the end result was way too realistic for my liking:

so i won't have this as a new avi, I'll make a "cuter" version of Tiki later.