Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cockatiel Sticker (and some sketches)

Bulbuls, or to be more specific, white-eared Bulbuls are considered to be to most famous bird to keep as a pet around here, these guys are very easy to feed (locally we call them Date Bulbuls, because they diet mostly on Dates in the farms here), give very smart and have a beautiful voice.

Here is a good video to show what does one look like (the little guy is PISSED lol)

I made a little sketch of one, I'll make a better drawing of one later, because these guys are awesome:

- Yesterday, I was confronted as being Australian! (i still can't comprehend how, I never mentioned myself being one anywhere XD) anyway i thought it was so funny i made a sketch of my Cockatiel declaiming to Mr.Parrot that he is an Australian that doesn't speak any English..O_o:
They both speak Arabic for your info :P

- And finally, i tried doing these sticker like drawings, they appear very simple but i find them the hardest kind to draw, simply because you have to have the lineart's thickness consistent all over the drawing you try to make, which is very hard by hand!!

I see most people use the pen tool on photoshop do it so they won't mess it, but since i forgot how to use the pen tool, this is all by hand.


  1. oh wow amazing! that's beautiful drawings and the real life bird is as beautiful too. I love the last sketch most...too cute for words.

  2. I never really owned a pet bird of any kind before, but the Bulbuls look like the type to start off with.