Saturday, June 26, 2010

These DRRR!! ed parodies are amazing

One of the newest parodies that emerged to popularity is the DRRR!! anime's ending theme, being recreated for another series.

And these are awesome, so awesome.

If you don't have time to check all of the videos linked, check the ones with a red star * mark, these are the best of the best in my humble opinion, the top three of my choice are at the end of this post, so scroll down if you only want to see these :)

One of the reasons that it spread like wild fire is it's ease of being recreated, if you are a good artist, just draw the characters that you want with similar positions and have the picture scroll down with the music playing, add some touches at the beginning and the end, all of this with basic flash knowledge.

But here is the ones that impress me the most, a combination of factors i chose for theme to be in the post, 1) the art my be great of course and 2) the scrolling is smooth. 3)the series' here are from franchises that i actually know :P

since most of the videos are from niconico, a Japanese equivalent of youtube, you'll need to be registered there to watch the videos, here is a guide to do so.

Final Fantasy All the series' main characters. *FF VII * Dissidia, although the scrolling is bad and the characters just float there without interaction between them (the art is fantastic though). a better Dissidia, the same scrolling problem, but it is a proper one this time! *All of Cloud's appearances in videogames *

Kingdom Hearts**

Tales of Graces***

Pokemon ***The whole series's main characters with some GYM leaders, the addition of the new Black/White main characters makes it the best one yet!\o/ * The whole Manga series's heroes Gold/Silver/Crystal/HeartGold/SoulSilver (in short, 2nd generation) Diglett (ROFL)

Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright Apollo Justice

Harry Potter (?!)*

Detective Conan**

The World Ends With You
*****one of the best games ever to get one of the best DRRR!! parodies, this is the 3rd best one here in this post!

Hitman Reborn***** This is the second best, it is drawn with black and white manga style and the interaction between the characters is pretty unique and awesomely drawn.

Axis Powers Hetaila ***** I don't even watch the series, but this is the best DRRR!! parody i have seen, this is by far my no.1 pick, not only the art is great, but the song is uniquely remixed, and the iteration with the characters are awesome.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Failed Oekaki collab Pokemon battle

Making up a board and trying to get people start the theme of what you made the board for on iscribble is a bitch.

The sole fact that i couldn't publish the canvas on the site because of my user stats was the reason everyone kept going away from the board i created.

I wouldn't blame them, who wants their drawing to get deleted?

But in my case, since i print-screen them and post them here, it is no issue at all, the olny problem is figuring out what the best image code to save them in so it won't lose it is colors like what i did here:
My poor poor Rotom :( look at what saving the image into BMP format made it look like...
Anyway here i actually drew Raichu, Ninetails, Rotom and Garchomp, when it was supposed to be the first user draw in a corner and the second user in the other corner, but this user told me she can't draw (why did you sign in the site then??) and wanted me to drew her a Raichu and a Ninetails.
I told her that she should be the one coloring them and she bailed out before she finishes...and here is the result...

The second one here didn't go any smoother, one user joined and said how about a legendary pokemon double battle?? yea sure why not?
But it is almost the same scenario as the first pic, he left the board before finishing...

Kinda funny isn't it...oh well i saved this image in JPG format and it looks ok i guess...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My first experince with Oekaki collab boards

Even though i don't have a tablet yet, i went to look for Oekaki boards that you can join more than one people on a drawing.

I heard some suggestions about many sites, specificly tools for business work and stuff, but the site that i find what i was looking for, drawing for fun, is .

There are a huge amount of users there, with all kinds of themes, whether it is nature, manga, animals, or si-fi, i was actually really impressed by it.

If there is another site that has the same idea of fun and sharing, let me know!! for now i will stick to this site, since i don't like to focus on more than one TBH.

So i hoped and joined the site, it seems that you have to be an active user for a LONG while until you get to be a fully registered user there, to use all the functions on the site.
It seems i have a long way to be a full member there if i want to get accepted!


Since appearently the site doesn't save a collaborative drawing in their gallery unless it is up to their standards, i print-screened the ones i have collaborated in, with fear that they might get deleted within 24 hours.

Here is my very first collab, it is really fun once you hook up with people who won't screw around so observe a lobby first (if you are not a full member like me) before joining the drawing:
Yeaah I know it looks like a children's sketch book, but keep in mind that almost all of the participants here don't have a tablet here(including me :P) we had to do it with a mouse, I made the fox near the tree and cussing Kirby on the right lol.

The first had a "nature" theme, so after we all finished, we voted the next one be a Haunted "House theme", it didn't turn out as cool as the the Nature one due to most just making bloody texts on the walls.

I drew the Boo (from the Super Mario series) on the top right.
But the highlight to me was the Hetalia character on the bottom left that chants in japanese along the lines of "kolkolkolkol" XD very well drawn and funny!

The best part about that site is the Pokemon Pictionary game, where each user have to guess what is the pokemon being drawn is, if guessed right, he'll do the next drawing etc, very fun!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

What can you do if the only way to have Manga is by the internet??

With US publishers being activly hunting down scanlation to cut down the piracy of Manga, it leave people like me, who pretty much have their only access to Manga and some Anime shows through the internet, in a pinch.

Not trying to give excuses but, literary the only way for me to have access to Manga (and some Anime shows) is through the internet, there is no other alternative at all.

Buying Manga in book form from Amazon,etc is a "no way" scenario to me, the shipping cost more than the manga itself, and i end up paying 25$ for just one volume?? no thanks.

So that's why you see me mention that i want the Manga to be digitally distributed, have it like Steam, make an account and buy manga that will get tide to your account.
I recently saw some very good efforts in this regard like eManga, but the content in their sites are pathetically low, I would love if the publishers jump in digital distribution because this is the only way for people like me to have access to manga... through the internet...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Just getting into blogging

Hello World!

This here is my blog that i will use for my personal use, Post some of my drawings (I’ll get a tablet soon!), comments on videogames that i play, and enjoy watching any kind of media (movies, TV shows, anime and manga as well!)

So i hope i’ll gather some friends and enjoy my time in this blog! :)