Thursday, June 24, 2010

Failed Oekaki collab Pokemon battle

Making up a board and trying to get people start the theme of what you made the board for on iscribble is a bitch.

The sole fact that i couldn't publish the canvas on the site because of my user stats was the reason everyone kept going away from the board i created.

I wouldn't blame them, who wants their drawing to get deleted?

But in my case, since i print-screen them and post them here, it is no issue at all, the olny problem is figuring out what the best image code to save them in so it won't lose it is colors like what i did here:
My poor poor Rotom :( look at what saving the image into BMP format made it look like...
Anyway here i actually drew Raichu, Ninetails, Rotom and Garchomp, when it was supposed to be the first user draw in a corner and the second user in the other corner, but this user told me she can't draw (why did you sign in the site then??) and wanted me to drew her a Raichu and a Ninetails.
I told her that she should be the one coloring them and she bailed out before she finishes...and here is the result...

The second one here didn't go any smoother, one user joined and said how about a legendary pokemon double battle?? yea sure why not?
But it is almost the same scenario as the first pic, he left the board before finishing...

Kinda funny isn't it...oh well i saved this image in JPG format and it looks ok i guess...

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