Saturday, January 29, 2011

Al Mraah

[This post is still being updated, the internet connection here is horrid, can't upload images and videos fast enough...]
[I added English subtitles in the videos so everyone can understand what is being said in them]

So I went to my uncle's house for a visit, he lives in Dammam, around 200 kilometer from my city.

We used the train, there was no way we could drive by car, the night before we went was raining heavily, and the streets were filled with ponds lol, we shouldn’t take our chances in this regard.

We arrived at 3PM, uncle picked us up and we went straight to his home.


Anyway for the good part! After we took a good rest Uncle woke me up at around 6 am the next day in preparation to go to his farm, it was only me and uncle, my mother is too tired to go and my sister hate these kind of trips with a passion :P

The farm (if I can actually call it that) is in an area called Salasil (صلاصل) which is 100 km from Dammam,

Wanna go to that Desert Access?

I tried to spot it using wikimapia but to no avail, the name is there on the link but nothing shows up on the map itself! If I go too far back it shows the area is closer to my city than Dammam itself, which is what uncle confirmed.

I think I am off, but this is my best guess.


After we finally arrived , I was greeted by the sight of the sheep marching away from the farm, to graze on the area beyond it.

I just arrived, and the sheep went away, I didn't have the chance to take some pics of them, I was totally disappointed beyond belief :(


The farm is very big, not sure by how much (forgot to ask uncle about that), but the camels' area and the pigeons and chicken Yards are very far apart that we had to use the car to reach them.

Here is a look at it:

Sorry for no grassy lands, we live in a desert.

So it is about 7 AM, what is the first thing to do? usually they split the adult and the young camels up so they can manage them better, take the adults to another area and start milking and checking on them.

Take the adults to the other area

Poor kiddies all alone (not sure what that one adult doing there)

After they have been split up, time to feed the adults.

Eating Barley here

Did you notice the white camel on the back? that one is an albino I believe, it is the only white one there.
Though i am not sure if it is really an albino, there are some shepherds who's all their herds have white coat like that one, these are worth millions, so i am confused as well about their rarity (just white coat or a real albino).

Never the less, it is very pretty!